Museum of Natural History and Chinatown

Stayed in Rockville in the morning, working on the input interface for this journal, and putting in some guitar practice on Gary and Sheryl’s guitars. I am travelling without my own guitar, as with the increased airport security, I thought it was easier not to load myself down.

I was sure that Gary and Sheryl’s guitars would be fine, but I am always nervous about performing on someone else’s instrument. Any fears I had were ungrounded, as all the guitars were great, and Crystal also has an Eko 12-string, just like mine.

I headed into town for lunchtime, stopping off at Friendship Heights. My guide book had told me there was a mall there, but it was more of a size of a UK shopping centre than what I think of as an American mall. However there was a food court there, for lunch, and a T-Mobile outlet, so I could get a prepaid sim for my phone. The guy there took time to explain that it was an expensive option if I only needed it for a month. I then told him what calls would have cost me if I used my UK Vodafone account – £1.50 per minute, even for calls within the local area. He then relaxed, and sold me the account.

Then into town, and another wander around, arriving at the National Museum of Natural History. This is really an amazing place, particularly the Mammals exhibit.

It had been trying to rain earlier, and when I emerged from the museum, it was raining hard. I took the Metro to Chinatown, and found a restaurant recommended in my guidebook. Tony Cheungs has a seafood restaurant and a Mongolian barbecue. I went for the latter. Although it was “all you can eat”, it also came a vegetable sidedish, rice, and sesame rolls, not to mention a large pot of tea, which was very welcome. As a result, I only needed 2 trips to the barbecue.

I was planning to try and attend the WSFA fan meet, but by this time, I was wet and tired, so I made my way back to Gary and Sheryl’s for a quiet evening and bed.

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