MASS FILC in Boston

Robin cooks a very civilised breakfast of blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. She has got a lot to do before people arrive for the housefilk at 2pm, so I pack my things away, and offer to help.

Robin has only just uncovered her pool for the summer – she has removed leaves and things that had got under the cover, and set up the filter, but there is still a lot of small gunk in there, so I spend an hour or two in the sun, skimming the water. Eventually it is clean enough to use her pool hoover to get the finer silt and rubbish out.

The housefilk goes well – about an equal number of new faces and familiar ones from Conterpoint and earlier conventions. I enjoy listening and singing, although I am surprised that a couple of songs, while enjoyed, are based on films no-one appears to have seen – “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “The Usual Suspects”. Admitted the latter is not science fiction, but I am surprised that people haven’t seen ” Eternal Sunshine” – I always assume that the UK gets film releases loong after the US.

Nonetheless, the session is enjoyed by all, Robin’s food (and that brought by others) is delicious, and I get to experience a MASS FILC business meeting first hand (in the US, many filk groups have set themselves up as non-profit legal entities, which require a certain amount of formal business)

Jonathon appears towards the end of the day. He was disappointed at the confusion yesterday, and has been sorting out car problems today, but will be going out with myself and Robin tomorrow.

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