My first fatty

I realised at lunchtime that I had sausagemeat in the fridge that needed to be used up, and I am away for the weekend.

So I thought I would have a try at making a fatty. A fatty is a large sausage-like object, made from sausage or luncheon meat, and smoked. They can be as simple as a log of sausage covered in rub, or wrapped in bacon, or they can have all sorts of fillings.

When making a bacon-wrapped sausage, many folk weave a kind of mat from streaky bacon, in which to wrap the fatty. Because I only had back-bacon, I couldn’t do this, so I simply overlapped it around the sausage. It managed to stay together, and I don’t think it came out to bad, either. Tasted ok, too.

Now I have mastered the basic idea, I can be more adventurous next time, and add a filling.

Note: the pink colour around the outside is the “smoke ring”, showing the penetration of smoke into the sausage.

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