Tag: cold-smoking

March 9, 2012
On the way back from Jon Haire’s today, I popped into Morrisons for some groceries. On the fish counter they had some amazing looking cod roe. They normally come in pairs, but I bought just one, as I am not quite sure what I am doing with it.

I used to love cod roe as a child, but have only prepared it myself a couple of times, and then only from ready-cooked roe, pressed and canned. I spoke to the fishmonger and he advised me to boil it for about 15-30 minutes, after which it should be firm enough to to slice and fry.

September 30, 2011
Tonight, I am playing with a new toy, the ProQ Eco Smoker.

This is cold smoking, not hot. The small mazelike device (the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator) is filled with wood dust (“today, I will be mostly using oak”) and set to smoulder with a small tea-light, which is removed once the dust catches. After that, it will produce smoke without heat for up to 10 hours.