Month: March 2008

March 30, 2008
Eating Well – A Diet Blog

March 30, 2008 11:36 A.M. Weight: 357.5 lbs.

I have mum to stay for a couple of weeks. With her doing a fair share of the cooking, I haven’t been keeping this up to date.

Normally I would say that with mum in the kitchen, I am probably eating a better balanced diet. However, I note that my weight is going up again, so I am going to be more dilegent.

March 22, 2008
Eating Well – A Diet Blog

March 21, 2008 9:16 P.M. Weight: 358.0 lbs.

Great gaming session, and lots and lots of pizza for lunch. I actually only had a couple of pieces, as I also baked some potatoes, as a healthy option.

However, after everyone had left, there was a whole half a pizza left over – and I had a choice – eat it for my dinner, or save it until tomorrow. I decided to go for it, as I didn’t feel like cooking.

For tomorrow, I have some vegetables in the fridge that need using before I leave, so I think I will make some soup for a healthy day.

Surprise on the scales today – two pounds down already. But I won’t read too much into that, I think it is probably simply weighing myself at different times of the day!

March 21, 2008
Eating Well – A Diet Blog

March 20, 2008 9:23 P.M. Weight: 360.0 lbs.

Tomorrow I have some friends coming round for a day of playing boardgames. Normally I cook something healthy from scratch for lunch, but I was running out of time today, as I am also preparing for a break away.

So I’ve just been out, and come back with a mixed pile of pizzas, some jacket potatoes, and assorted deserts.

What a start to a new diet!

March 20, 2008
Eating Well – A Diet Blog

March 20, 2008 1:36 P.M. Weight: 360.0 lbs.

Discovered StartYourDiet today, and thought I would give it a whirl.

A couple of years ago, I was using Weightwatchers Online (UK) quite successfully, but it was expensive and certain aspects of their site really annoyed me. Foolishly, I decided my diet was going well, and thought I could manage without them. I did for a while, but not for long!

More recently, I have tried a couple of other sites:

Tesco’s Healthy Living Tracker – claims to be a free diet tracking site, but turned out to be very limited – predictably the foodstuffs are largely limited to Tesco’s own (although they claimed otherwise); nutritional details for their own products were frequently wildly different from those printed on the actual packets; and there was no way to manually input anything – if it wasn’t in their database, you couldn’t include it in your diet, and if you cook your own food, forget it!

Nutridiary – a free US site that looked quite promising at first, but after initial login, my password stopped working; the “lost password” facility said it was no longer available; and their support email address bounced mails. That didn’t impress me.

This site looks more promising. Although it is obviously based in the US (I’m a Brit), so the Food Database will contain mainly US products, this doesn’t bother me too much. My main beef with the previous sites was how hard they made it to set up your own foods and meals – rather than off-the shelf products – I like to cook a lot, from basic ingredients. It is easy to do that here, and even better, they allow you to add foods to the “Community Database”, which I will be definitely doing – marking any branded products with a “(UK)” to avoid any confusion.

Also, even for the “premium membership”, the price is good, especially with the current dollar exchange rate. A month and a half’s payment for Weightwatchers online will pay for my whole year’s subscription here.

So here I go again – wish me luck.