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April 1, 2011
FM radio reception has always been a bit hit and miss in my area, which is why I have a couple of DAB radios around the house. However, my bedroom clock radio is still an old FM model (10 years!), and lately, I’ve found things worse than ever – decent reception when it wakes me up, but the moment I start walking around the bedroom, the signal comes and goes.

So I have just bought a replacement – the Pure Siesta Flow. This has a total of 4 alarm registers, which can be set to different day ranges – hence you can have a totally different wakeup routine at the weekend, without having to change anything. When the alarm goes, you have a choice of sources:

January 29, 2011
A remark on the News Quiz today regarding the proposed selling off of publicly owned Forestry Commision woodlands intrigued me. The comment was made by show host Sandy Toksvig:

“…the first tranche of the forests, if they sell them off, is going to raise a hundred million pounds; that is exactly the amount of money that Defra and the brilliant Caroline Spelman, who is the Secretary of State in charge, gave to an international fund devoted to prevent deforestation.”

January 10, 2011
May 19, 2010
My radio comes on every morning with Radio 4’s Today programme. For me, it used to be essential breakfast time listening. Now, more often than not, if I hear John Humphrys’ voice, I have an urge to either turn the radio off, or throw it out the window.

I used to like John Humphrys. I believe that there was a time when he was an truly incisive penetrating journalist. However, I feel he has now simply become pure ego, drunk on his own reputation, and given to interupting and haranguing every other word.