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August 22, 2009
Many thanks to the folk who I dined with last night, for introducing me to The Crispy Duck, where we enjoyed… Crispy Duck, and lots of it.

It was just the kind of evening I needed, and the Haagan Dazs to follow was the cherry on the top (well actually, it was not so much on the top, than in a fruit coulis slightly to one side of the sorbet).

May 1, 2009
About a week ago, I was browsing in the local Factory Shop, and I saw a shelf full of slow cookers. The last time I used one was in my student days. In fact I still have the crock from my old slow cooker, but the electric bit (which also doubled as a chip fryer) got thrown out many years ago.

Anyway, among the larger family type cookers was this one, priced at 12.99 then reduced to 8 quid. I couldn’t resist it. It’s a nice little 1.5 litre cooker, perfect for 1 or 2 portions, and has 3 heat setting – “low” (slow cook), “high” (simmer) and “keep warm”.

January 7, 2009
August 14, 2008
Eating Well – A Diet Blog:
August 14, 2008 6:05 P.M. Weight: 345.0 lbs.

Probably not the best move, when you are on a diet, but I have just bought myself a barbecue.

When I moved into this house, a few years ago, it had an old brick barbecue. For some time I have been planning to get the parts – tray, grill etc – to get it working again. However, it is in a bit on an inconvenient place, down the bottom of my garden.

So instead, the brick barbecue has been transformed into a potting table, and I have just bought a Weber charcoal kettle. I’ve been reading up on it, and shopping around for a month or so, and it did seem to do everything I wanted – easy to use, easy to clean, and big enough to handle things like beef joints, whole chickens, and even pizza stones. Although it’s a big barbecue, it’s easy enough to create a small cooking area for just just one or two people.

I have some friends coming over in a few weeks time, who I’ve promised barbecue. So I am about to go out there and do some experimentation.

Wish me luck!