Ferry Meadows

Ferry Meadows

As mentioned before, I’d applied for a season for parking at Nene Park. But immediately after I got it, the weather turned quite unseasonable for Spring. Then I had a prang in my car, and it had to go in for some bodywork. So as a result, it was some weeks before I could use it!

Anyway, I got there today, with Katie the beagle. As my first day out, I decided to just walk along the main path from the café then straight back again. But when I got to the end of the path, I felt fine, so decided to carry on, around Overton Lake. I was doing fine, then about three-quarters around the lake, my legs started to give out! But nowhere to go but forwards!

It is not a long walk – only 1.35 miles. But I am out of condition, and Katie wanted to stop and sniff everything, which left me on my feet for longer than I expected. I actually find standing around more tiring than walking.

Katie was on the long lead for a lot of the walk, and behaved very nicely. Most of the time she had slack in the lead, and she came to me when called. Until she saw the rabbits, but no chance, girl!

I don’t feel bad at all now, having driven home – Katie is out on the sofa. But I think I will have a day at home tomorrow, and then perhaps go out again on Friday.

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