Cherry Tree Park

There is a park in my little town, within about half a mile of my front door, that I had never visited. Just off Church Street, set back behind the houses.

In fact, until 2 years ago, when I saw it mentioned in a councillor’s blog, I didn’t even know it existed.

Since then I’ve tried to remember to look for it when passing but I never could see any entrance. Not that it bothered me; there is a dog park at the end of my road, and plenty of other places to go to walk Katie.

But lately, I’ve been looking for other options. I like the dog park, but there are some people there who still think nothing of coming over, mask-less, for a chat. My popular walking spot, Bourne Wood, is only 15 minutes away in the car, but is no longer considered “local area” by government guidance. Which is a shame, because unlike many Forestry sites, it has no amenities, so is hardly ever busy at all.

So I felt like finding a new place to go, in town, but perhaps off the beaten track. I did my usual walk through the dog park, along the path, which took me to the lovely long gravel drive that runs alongside the war cemetery towards Church Street. Getting to St. Guthlac’s Church, I crossed to the far side of Church Street and walked in the direction of the town centre.

That’s when I discovered how easily I had passed it by, on the other side of the road, so many times.

Going through the arch to the park, I was underwhelmed. A quarter of the park is taken up with a kid’s playground – I have no issue with that, but it wasn’t what I’d expected. Another quarter was a moss-covered tarmac area, that I can only guess is used for games, when the weather is better. Which leaves a small green space with a couple of very large trees. So a lovely space for the people living around it and for the kids to play, but I won’t be going out of my way to visit it again any time soon!

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