Alexa gets cleverer

I’ve no idea when, but at some point Alexa has started taking a more global view on things like alarms and reminders.
Originally each device was completely separate with regard to alarms and reminders, if you asked Alexa to list reminders, it would give you a list of the reminders on that device only.
If I hear an alarm going in the next room, I could stop it, but only by addressing it directly. “Alexa, stop in Living Room”.
But now I see if you ask about such things, and there is no alarm/reminder/time set for your local device, it will give you the choice of looking at other devices in your network.
“Alexa, cancel alarm”
“There are no alarms on this device, but you have a 7:30 alarm on Bedroom. Shall I cancel that?”
Helpful and very welcome.

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