Conservatory/Office Makeover.

This time last year, I was suffering badly from cellulitis, which required me to keep my leg elevated. So I temporarily moved my office from upstairs to a bed-table pulled over my recliner chair, allowing me to work with the recliner stool in the up position.

After that was over, I decided I quite liked working downstairs, and realised how underutilised my conservatory was, especially now it had a solid insulated roof. So I made it my office.

However, whenever I wanted to use the conservatory for other things – like having people round to eat, or board-gaming, I needed to clear my desk (the dining table) of all my stuff.

So the room has just had a makeover, in the form of some inexpensive flat-pack furniture. Note that I can’t claim credit for putting the furniture together – I don’t have the patience, instead I paid a friend to do it for me! 😀

This is a shallow shelf unit, next to where I sit. The important thing is that it doesn’t intrude into the space too much – just 9 inches – so when I have the table set for dining/gaming, I can still fit two chairs in with room to spare. But it is big enough to take all my junk, including multiple phones, Echo Show device and more.

This means the only items I need to move, in order to clear the table, is my laptop, monitor and keyboard/trackball, which is easy to do.

Note the shallow white trolley under the table, against the wall. This contains my non-work laptop, which is running and connected to the same monitor and keyboard by a KVM switch, allowing me to use it without having it cluttering the place.

The above units are from the same range, they are sold as “toy cupboards”. Each is a wide shelf unit, with 3 wheeled boxes that fit underneath, like drawers. As you can see, I am using the internal shelf to store games – these are mostly games that are too big for my normal games bookshelves. The boxes beneath are going to be for general storage – at least one is going to receive my small collection of guitar pedals and stuff. The top is almost level with the windowsill – close enough for it to look quite neat. I am intending this not to be too cluttered, to allow me to use it for seed trays and things when I am bringing new plants on.

Finally, here is the view from the garden, looking in. It is probably the neatest my “office” has been for the past year!

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