Respironics Dream Wear Nasal Mask – available on NHS

3 years ago, I wrote about this mask, which is a bit different from conventional CPAP masks.

I’ve been using it ever since, and getting the very best sleep with it. Finally, I decided I needed to replace some parts.

  • The nose-piece that clips in place; the mask came with 4 of them, in different sizes. The Medium I had been using finally gave up the ghost, and I have been using the Medium Wide as a stop-gap, but it isn’t as good a fit.
  • The headstrap is old and stretched and the velcro is not as good as it was.

But while I don’t mind spending money on stuff to help me sleep, the nose-piece is £54 and the headstrap is £38. While I can buy a whole new kit for £119. Which is what I did.

A few days later, talking to a nurse at Papworth Hospital, I discovered that this mask – which was a complete no-no for funding 3 years ago – is now something they carry, and can provide free of charge.

I actually don’t care. £119 for 3 years good sleep is cheap.

But that isn’t why I am posting.

This mask is now available on the NHS. If you use a CPAP and have problems with finding a comfortable mask, ask if you can try a Respironics Dream Wear. It is the most comfortable mask I know, no pressure spots, you can lie on your back or side without worrying, and you can even wear your glasses with it.

It now comes in two forms: a simple nasal mask, which fits snugly under your nose, or with pillows, which insert into your nostrils, for a snugger fit.

I prefer the former, but I know some folk like nasal pillows.

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  1. Chris
    July 15, 2020

    My package from the NHS arrived today. I assumed they were going to send me just the nosepiece, but they have sent me a whole Dream Wear kit.

    So now I can alternate between the two new masks, which makes it easy to keep a good cleaning routine.

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