Extending The Kitchen Area

My living room is kind of L-shaped, with a good-sized lounge area, and a dining area too narrow to really hold table and chairs and still be able to walk past it. Since it leads to the conservatory (that I added), it hasn’t been used for dining for years – the main table is now in the conservatory.

So it has become a walk-through, plus a place to keep my guitars and other stuff. It is really quite underused.

I also have a remarkably small kitchen.

So I intend to clear it out, and have ordered the following bits of furniture. Although they won’t be in the kitchen, they will be directly outside, and I think it will work quite well.

Showroom Image

This pantry will be used as additional storage. In particular, the lower part will take some largish items of cookware and serving ware, freeing up my kitchen cupboards for things like food.

It will also house a number of kitchen devices that are either cluttering my kitchen tops or put away and therefore not used. I may or may not drill a hole in the back to allow for power, so I can run things like my breadmaker without taking it out of the cupboard. I will wait for it to arrive and see if this is feasible or desirable.

Showroom Image

This is actually an island unit, but it will be against the wall. The storage areas and drawers go right through, so that will not be a problem. It will be used as a preparation area, and also somewhere to put equipment being used if I decide not to electrify the pantry. It has a granite top, so hot things are not a problem. It can also double as a buffer area when I have guests.

Showroom Image

The bookcase is just a bookcase, and will be used for my various cookery books and knick-knacks. The top will be somewhere for things like fruitbowls and perhaps a photograph or two.

My initial idea was just for the pantry, but I decided that would look odd on its own. With the three matching bits of furniture, it will seem more than just something stuck in the corner. It will give a much neglected part of the house some purpose, and I am hoping the colour scheme will help lighten that part of the room.

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  1. chris
    July 4, 2020

    I have thought of opening up the kitchen completely. But it would be a big change, and would actually *lose* me half of my wall-cupboards. So no to that.

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