Chocolate Toxicity Calculator for Dogs

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I’m a bit of a worrier. So whenever I used to foster a dog, knowing that chocolate is toxic to dogs, I more or less didn’t buy chocolate for the entire time of the foster.

I know that this is over the top, but worrying about dropping a chocolate and having the dog gobble it up, or otherwise letting the dog consume it, it was easier to simply not have it around.

Oddly, onions and garlic are much more toxic, but worry me less; but then I don’t sit in front of the TV, idly munching on onions and garlic.

So since adopting Katie permanently, I have lead a mainly chocolate-free life. I’ve allowed myself the odd Magnum – but generally only the white chocolate ones, and on a couple of occasions I’ve had a small box of truffles that I was very careful about where they were stored (my kitchen safe, where else) and where and when I ate them.

Fortunately, this resource, courtesy of VetsNow, has put my mind at rest. It is a very useful lookup of chocolate toxicity in dogs.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I am going to start feeding Katie chocs or that I’ll leaving them lying around where she can get at them. But it has helped put things in perspective, and informed me that a crumb of chocolate from an occasional Twix bar isn’t going to harm her.

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