Life with Katie

Earlier today, while I was working:

“Chris, Chris, Chris…”

“Chris, Chris, Chris…”

“Katie, I’m in the middle of something.”

“Chris, Chris, Chris… gotta go, really gotta go.”

I log off and get up, to take her downstairs. Halfway down the hall, I almost trip over a beagle that has decided to stop and scratch her bum.

We continue downstairs, into the lounge and out into the kitchen, where I open the back door.

“Katie, where are you?”

“Here! In the lounge, on my recliner. Isn’t it a nice recliner?”

“But you wanted to ‘really gotta go'”!

“I probably do, but at the moment, I am enjoying my recliner.”

I look at her.

“You usually offer me treats.”

“That’s when I want you to go outside. When you want to go outside, going outside… that is the treat.”

“Still don’t see no treats”.

“If you give me treats, I might let you sit in my recliner.”

i decide that if I am in the kitchen, I’ll do the bit of washing up that is there, and ignore her. After a while, she follows me out, and sits in the kitchen doorway.

“So are you going?”

“All right, then.”

She then spends 5 minutes going around the yard, sniffing everything.

“I thought you wanted to go.”

“Well I don’t.”

“OK, then we’ll go back upstairs.”

I go in, and she starts to follow me.

“Oh wait.”

She doubles back on herself, and – after turning around twice – finally has a pee.

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