Measuring home temperatures

A few months ago, I discovered that as well as the familiar (to me)

“Alexa, what is the temperature”,

which gives the outside temperature, based on something like Accuweather,

I could also say

“Alexa, what is the temperature inside”

an be given a fairly accurate figure.

I assumed it was there as a result of my Hive installation, and was simply an easier way to say

“Alexa, ask Hive what the temperature is”.

However, I later realised that the temperatures given by the two methods are often not the same, and the answer to the first is in the form of:

“The average temperature of the home is …”

“Average”. Was this averaging out Hive’s temperature readings over a period, rather than a spot temperature?

Today I discovered I was completely wrong. The answer to

“Alexa, what is the temperature inside”

is nothing to do with Hive. It comes from SmartThings. I knew that one of my Smartthings sensors – an aptly named multisensor which I have fixed to my front door – measures temperature. What I didn’t know (or – more likely – had forgotten) is that the 3 motion detectors I have in the house also measure temperature. Hence “average temperature”.

This is kind of cool, as the Hive derived figure is from a single device on the wall of my lounge. The SmartThings is averaged from two sensors in my downstairs hall, one in my upstairs hall and one in my bathroom.

I haven’t figured out a practical use of this yet, but I still think it is great.

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