YouTube + Integromat -> Plex

More techie fun. It’s actually fairly easy to do, it was the idea that was brilliant (is there an emoji for an exploding head?)

Plex media server has a “watch later” function, that can be used for watching *selected* YouTube videos. See a video while browsing, and want to watch it later? Simply open the video page and click a browser bookmark. When you next open Plex, it will be listed under your “watch later” items.

This is actually much more convenient than trying to use YouTube on my firestick, since the Google/Amazon faceoff that ended the embedded YouTube app. The selected YouTube videos appear in Plex just like any other video content. Plex displays which are new and which have been watched, and you can even delete content with your normal remote.

You can also submit videos by email – simply send an email to your personal “plex” email account, containing one or more video links.

Now the clever bit. … using Integromat, which is a web integration tool, I have set up something that watches for a specific channel that I follow, and when it sees new videos appear it emails Plex their details so they will be picked up for “watch later”.

So now any time the Fully Charged Show has a new video upload, it will appear on my Plex player, and I can watch it on TV. Similarly, I can set up other watches for any other channels that I follow.

Simple, seamless and satisfying.

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