Month: September 2016

September 24, 2016
September 22, 2016
September 21, 2016
As some of you will know, I am overweight. As such, I have fat wrists. Actually, they don’t seem that big, in proportion to my arms, but they are big enough to cause the eternal watchstrap problem.

When I was using my Fitbit Flex, it meant that I had to go cap in hand to Fitbit support for an XL strap. They do not sell them, so each time you want one (I recently replaced one that wore out), you have to justify to them that you want a freebie, even though you might have bought your Fitbit from elsewhere, and it is no longer under warranty. I didn’t want a freebie, but as they don’t sell them, that was the only way to get a strap that fitted me.

September 11, 2016
I am beginning to really love Pocket. I installed it as a FireFox addon some time ago, then didn’t use it too much, but then I started to use it to bookmark cooking stuff, and more recently to bookmark just about anything I came across that looked interesting but was too long for me to read at the time.

This last usage has been the revelation for me, in a way that I could only grasp by trying it. Because my Kobo ebook reader is also connected to Pocket, it means all of these “I wish I had time to read” articles are immediately available in a nicely reformatted version for my reader. Allowing me to catch up on stuff in bed, or out and about, rather than at my computer screen.

September 4, 2016