I’m on holiday this week. There is going to be a little retail therapy, but I am also planning to make some more inroads in clearing out the junk.

A while ago, my electric piano conked out, beyond my ability to repair (plus, this was about the 4th time, and I was fed up with being in the mood to play, only to find something else had gone wrong with it).

This is a big heavy beast – a bit of furniture – and although it will come apart to lighten the load, I really wasn’t looking forward to taking it down the tip. Getting it into the car was one thing, carrying the bits up a rain-slicked metal staircase to throw it into the skip, surrounded by others doing the same – it just didn’t appeal.

So I have ordered a mini-skip for Wednesday. Just a 4 yard skip – but it should be enough for the piano and a pile of other stuff I’ve been wanting to get rid of, from both the garage and the spare room. It can sit on my drive for at least Wednesday to Friday, so I can pace myself.

Of course, it is more expensive than taking stuff down to the tip; but it means I will actually get stuff done, rather than putting it off for a “better” day.

I’m actually curious how much a 4 yard skip will hold – I know how big it is, but am having trouble visualising how much of my junk will fit in there. But if I give priority to the heavy/awkward stuff, then old broken bookshelves and the like can always go in the car on another day.

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