Keeping up the blog habit

When I was lured to Facebook, I fully intended to use it for trivial stuff and general comment, while keeping both this, my personal blog, and Food Adventure, my food blog, going.

Not for the first time, I’ve found myself using FB to the exclusion of my blogs.

Does this matter? To me it does, mainly because nobody ever reads what you wrote on Facebook a month ago. You could equally say that few people actually read my blogs,but the stuff is there and easy to find, should anyone wish to look.

This isn’t important for posts about what I watched on TV last night, or something amusing I heard in the pub. But it is relevent to articles I might write about cooking and BBQ, that folk – including myself – may find useful in the future; or posts about notable things I have done or places I have been. Also, I prefer the idea of being the publisher of my more important stuff, and having control over my own words.

Anyway, I’ve just installed this WordPress plugin on both of my blogs, which will email me a reminder if I don’t make a post within X days. It is an elderly plugin, but I have just tested it, and it seems to work fine.

Hopefully, this will help me keep on track, and may even prompt me back into the habit of adventurous cooking, in order to provide content for my food blog.

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