NetFlix appears on YouView

Netflix on YouView_search screen-578-80When I first got my original (shop-bought) YouView box, I thought it was pretty brilliant, but the there was the inevitable complaints how it didn’t have stuff like YouTube, NetFlix and LoveFilm. YouView’s answer to this was that they were open to new content partners, but at the end of the day, writing the app was down to the content provider, not them. This didn’t seem unreasonable to me, but didn’t stop the bickering.

Since then, a number of new content partners have appeared, most of which I’m not particularly interested in – Sky, NowTV (which I think is another permutation of Sky), UKTV, Dave etc. But this month, NetFlix has made a welcome appearance. The app is slick, and miles better (in appearance and perfomance) than the app I have been using on my BluRay; so I’ll be watching it on the YouView box from now on.

The usual complications, though; the new service is available on all shop-bought YouView boxes, and those supplied by BT. However, TalkTalk supplied boxes won’t get it until next year. TalkTalk are running their own version of the YouView code, and so everything gets delayed with them, while they check it is full compatable.

A year ago, I had moved my viewing and recording from my original shop-bought box to the one TalkTalk supplied me, as it could pick up specific TalkTalk internet channels. However, it seems the original box can do everything now, so I am switching back. It is a better quality box, and quicker to respond.

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