Not a good birthday surprise

So on Saturday, while visiting brother and sis-in-law in Chingford, we went up town to have a meal and see a show. We got back latish, and then stayed up for a while before going to bed.

At 2am, my brother heard a crash outside, and sis-in-law woke me up. A car had piled round the corner of my brother’s road (and the brow of a hill), lost control and went straight into the back of my car. Fortunately no-one was badly injured – merely seat belt bruising – but my car was shunted 8 feet, half way across the pavement, and into a neighbours car.

The guys involved were obviously shaken, but held their hands up and admitted it was their fault – not that there could be any question about that. No alcohol was involved, they were just going too fast.

Spent an hour out in the cold, clearing out assorted possessions from the car, while brother swept glass and plastic out of the road. Brother walked down to the local police station to report it, but they weren’t interested. Car was collected by 3am, and I was making calls this morning, before coming back by train and taxi. Brother thinks it is probably a write off, but we will wait to see.

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