Board Games!

I keep trying to whittle the boardgame collection down, getting rid of stuff that I don’t play.

For this reason, I was quite pleased to trade Cowboys: The Way of a Gun – a game that looked interesting, but never made the table – for Imperial, a game I have played and enjoyed before, and expect to again.

But then I lose the plot and *buy* Power Grid: Factory Manager and Room 25. Where is my willpower? The best that can be said is that they are both played in a manageable time (30-60 minutes), and so are prime candidates for the pub sessions.

Factory Manager is almost a known entity; although it is different from Power Grid, it has similar features and mechanisms. Unboxing it, it struck me as looking like a cross between Power Grid and Puerto Rico, although that is an uninformed observation, having not yet played the game.

Room 25 looks fun. I don’t see it mentioned anywhere, but is surely inspired by the film Cube. One to six players are in an complex of 25 rooms, which are all hidden until explored, and can be moved (like the tiles they are) along rows and columns. Some rooms are safe, but others do things and some kill. The general aim is to make it alive to Room 25, by which the complex can be exited, but there are various scenarios, some competitive, some cooperative.

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