This old house…

Soon after I moved in here, I was bought a decorative bird house, which got put on the side of my garage, just above the trunk of my espaliered pear tree. In retrospect, it wasn’t in a good position to be useful to birds – too close to the ground, so too many people (i.e. me) about. But, as I say, it was decorative and would have been lost higher up a wall.

2013-05-12 10.56.15All the time it has been there, not a single bird has nested in it. Until this year. I am not entirely sure what they are, as they come and go so fast, but there have been a couple of birds visiting the box. This year, I let the pear tree grow out a bit , and as a result, there is more growth around the box, and so it is more protected.

Unfortunately, it has been on the wall for a good few years, and the recent attention seems to be all that was needed for the box to start to break apart. When I noticed this, it was barely hanging on the wall. I carefully and gently moved it, so it was more lodged against the trunk, aware of the beady eye pearing out at me. I don’t want to interfere too much, but at some time, I think I will bend some of the new growth around it and tie them to keep it safely lodged.

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  1. chris
    June 5, 2013

    I’m pleased to say that mum and dad bird are flying in and out of the pear tree on a regular feed run, so they don’t seem to have been too disturbed!

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