The weekend starts here

I wasn’t working today, and the sun was shining, so here’s what I got up to:

  • Uncovered, weeded and dug over 4 vegetable troughs, ready for planting. Due to the awful spring, I haven’t done any serious gardening this year, but I hope to get something planted later this weekend.
  • Moved the wormery from the garage out into the garden, opened it up and dumped one layer, which had gone nasty; but another layer got used on the vegetable troughs. Seem to still have a good number of worms, so perhaps they need a good feeding.
  • Rearranged the lounge, and in particular the TV area. Sometime in the next couple of weeks, I’m getting the TV mounted on the wall, out of the way, so for now, I have moved the TV onto a book-case, at approximately the same height, to make sure it is where I really want it.
  • Had a ten minute sit-down to have a cup of tea, and check out the position of the TV. Ten minutes in which I seem to have watched not one but two recorded episoded of NCIS.

Oh well, I guess the other chores will need to wait until tomorrow.

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