…and (the weekend) ends here

Was fairly busy at home (and places near) Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I got two troughs planted with salad leaves, sugar snap peas, carrots and courgettes. All of these were “cheats” – baby plants bought from the local garden centre – but they will kickstart the garden after a non-productive spring, and I can plant from seed for later in the year.

Also on Saturday, I played with a new toy for the BBQ – GrillGrates. Will be writing more about this on my Food Adventure blog later, but had a great time experimenting, and managed to achived high temperature grilling on my pellet grill, something I had been told wasn’t possible.

Sunday was, in theory, a lazy day, spent playing music and watching video. However, I also managed to iron my way through a basket full of shirts that had been sitting there for weeks, so I think I deserved my TV time.

Today, I went out for the day with a friend, to Skegness. Excellent fish and chips for lunch, followed by a walk along the front, and icecream, candyfloss and rock, and finally a well-earned pint. We then headed home, where I demonstrated the GrillGrates by cooking tea. I don’t think I need to eat for the next week. Skegness was very busy, as befits a sunny Bank Holiday Monday. There is something about a sea-side town that I find irresistible – probably due to my time in Brighton. Skegness isn’t quite up there with Brighton & Hove, but it has sand on its beach, and donkeys too!

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