Some of you more experienced guitarists may have come across this already (the really experienced guitarists may not need it!); but I recently acquired a Flexi-Capo, and I am having a lot of fun with it.

It does the same kind of job as a cut capo, but is more flexible. When clamped to the fretboard, it has individual fingers that depress the strings you want.

Recently, I’ve been playing with a number of different tunings, and while this cannot be used for all of them, it does make it quick and easy to fake double-drop-d tunings and similar. Of course, using a capo to raise the middle strings, it is actually double-drop-e, but I like having the “dropped” strings sounding on the open chords, but not having to worry about them when playing up the neck.

One thing that I really like is that it adjusts to different neck widths, which is important to me, as EKO necks seem to be unique to themselves. It is a little bit of a fiddle clamping it on, and positioning the fingers, but I am getting quicker at it. It looks like it comes apart fairly easily, so I may experiment with making some spacers to keep the fingers set at the right spacing for my guitars.

Two tunings I have been playing with that the Flexi-Capo can’t help with are the CSN-style EBDGAD, as used on “Deja-Vu” and “Guinevere”, and the mind-bogglng (at least to me) EEEEBE from “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”. The latter I am not going to be performing any time soon, but I am coming along nicely with Guinevere.

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