A little find!

Before I foolishly got distracted with my new guitar-toy, I had plans for today.

Following on from a previous post, I spent an evening earlier this week, googling for likely alternate food retailers. It was a surprisingly long list, and I intended to check a few of them out today.

As it happens, I woke with a bad headache, which meant I didn’t get out until gone 11. So only managed one, before lunch, and we know what happened after!

I’ve driven past Vine House Farm countless times – it is quite near, and on my route to Spalding. Like a lot of farm shops, it doesn’t look like much from the road, but this time I pulled in and found it had a quite sizable car park. A fairly decent sized store, too – one half dedicated to bird feeds and feeders (a speciality of theirs, apparently), but the other half full of goodies.

It surpassed my expectations. I found flour from an independent mill (now I know where to go when my current supply runs out); locally baked cakes; locally sourced burgers, bangers, pork pies and ham; and a range of potted meats that seemed interesting – trout and rabbit amongst them.

Eggs and milk and cheese, of course – only cows milk, but I noticed one of the cheese was made from ewes milk, so i grabbed a wedge to try.

Lots of fresh veg, which I have a source for, but also a couple of freezers full of things like locally made ice-cream and hand made individual pies of all sorts – beef, rabbit, pheasant, game, plus various fruit slices etc.

I bought a rabbit and a game pie, and the rabbit one is in the oven as I type this.

So for a first forage, I’m doing quite well!

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