Optics3D 3D Prescription Glasses

A couple of weeks back, I posted about ordering some prescription RealD compatible glasses from Optics3D. RealD is the format used by many cinemas and most, if not all, makes of passive 3D TV.

They arrived today, and I am impressed. First of all, the obvious – they fit me, and they have got my prescription right. I wasn’t too worried about the prescription, to be honest; but unlike “normal” specs, these frames are one size fit all. But they are just fine.

rxmono3drealdfrontwithsmall-500x500They are light, and comfortable. They do sit a little further forward than my normal glasses, because the prescription lens are mounted behind the polarised lens. It took me a few minutes to get used to this, as when I pushed them right back on my nose (as I normally wear specs), I could feel my eyelashes touching the inner lenses. Then again, my mum always said I had long girlie lashes! But it was not a problem, and I soon found a comfortable position for them – they came with an optional latex-like spacer to make this easy.

They seem to be a lot less tinted than other 3D specs I have worn. By the nature of what a polarised lens is, there is always going to be a loss of light, but I am wearing them indoors on a dull day, and I don’t feel like I am wearing sunglasses. This is good, as with both the specs that came with the TV, and my clip-ons, I always feel I have to remove them when making a trip to the kitchen or bathroom, lest I trip over something. These I can put on, enjoy my 3D shows, and not have to worry about changing my glasses when I take a break.

Viewing 3D content, the picture seems much brighter, and clearer – quite brilliant, in fact. Of course, I am now watching via prescription optics, rather than a thin (and easily scratched) piece of polarised film.

As I said in my earlier post, they were 50 quid, which isn’t a trivial sum, but I think I’ve got my money’s worth. I’m pretty pleased with them.

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