On a brighter note…

Yesterday, I had friends round to play boardgames, and I planned to cook some burgers, as it is fairly effortless with the pellet grill, and doesn’t keep me away from the games table.

Mindful of what I said on Saturday, I visited my butcher, only to be told they had had a big run on their beef burgers, presumably by others defecting from the supermarkets. I could come back later when they had made some more; I could buy some mince and make my own; or they had some pork and apple burgers.

Of course, I went for the pork and apple, and everyone agreed that they were delicious, and a pleasant change. I also bought a bag of pork and cider sausages, and they went as well.

The brownies turned out rather un-brownie-ish. Finding my tray suffering from a little rust (it has been that long!), I cooked them individually in silicon cases, and they came out more like very intense chocolate muffins. However, they were delightful.

Getting back to the subject of boardgames, the game of the day was Battlestar Galactica, with the Pegasus expansion and two-thirds of the Exodus expansion. The game is becoming quite epic with the expansions, and very enjoyable. Next time we play, we are going to introduce the final part of Exodus (the Ionian Nebula), which introduces non-player characters and mental trauma, and looks quite fun.

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