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A favourite TV show of mine was the 1990’s political thriller “House of Cards”, based on the novel by Michael Dobbs, and starring the late Ian Richardson as the manipulative and treacherous MP and Whip Francis Urquhart. I watched it when it was first shown, caught a reshowing of it a few years later, and now have it on DVD.

So, I have had NetFlix for a couple of months, now. I originally got it for the free trial month, then got dragged into “Breaking Bad”, and kept it on to complete the series. However, I was considering suspending my account for a few months, as although I think NetFlix is great, I have quite enough TV content and DVDs/BluRays to catch up on.

However, on logging on to do just that, I see that “House of Cards” has been remade, but this time against a US political setting. I might be sceptical about this – quite often, such remakes don’t go well (“Life on Mars” and “State of Play” springs to mind) – but this time the antihero – named Fracis Underwood – is played by Kevin Spacey.

A remake of one of my favourite shows, starring one of my favourite US actors! This is apparently a NetFlix exclusive, available from February 1. Of course, there is now no way that I can cancel or suspend my account, and I have pencilled in February as being “busy”.

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