Table Talk

I’m just going out to collect a new eBay purchase:

This is a coffee table that converts into a full height dining table, about 3.5′ x 4.5′ – slightly smaller than my oval dining table, but perfectly usable. The idea is to have another table to roll out, that won’t take up room when not in use.

The big advantage is that – even at full size – it is fully adjustable height. So this is an ideal table for boardgaming from the sofa – either in the conservatory, or the lounge.

I’d been looking at this model for some time, but being a piece of “Italian Furniture”, it was far too extravagent for my purpose. This week I found someone with a slightly marked version going for less than half-price!

But I haven’t just bought it for gaming – I’m not that obsessive. I like to dine in the conservatory in the Summer, and I can’t tell you what a pain it is moving a full-size dining table through the single door out to there, especially single-handed. This is more portable, and will take up less room out there, when not in use.

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