This could get expensive

When I first got my Kindle 3 (now named the Kindle Keyboard by Amazon), I toyed with comics on the device, downloading some samples. However a combination of monochrome (albeit nice, crisp monochrome) and a small screen, made it unattractive, and I took it no further.

On my new Nexus 10, using the Kindle Android app, I have downloaded samples of a couple of comics – some of DC’s Earth 2 graphic novels, and the best-graphic-novel-in-the-world, Watchmen. In addition, I have actually bought the first of the Sandman series – something I have come across a few times, but never collected.

Frankly, they look glorious.

The Nexus’s screen is still smaller than a standard graphic novel, so some people may have difficulty with the full screen view, although I can read it comfortably. However, the Kindle comics/graphic novel format has Panel View. Double click on any panel and it enlarges to what is probably a real-life size(as far as I can judge), with the rest of the page greyed out. While in Panel view, the normal page-forward, page-back actions instead guide you through the panels, in the correct order.

As I say, I am able to read the comic in normal view, but having both is even better.

So I can see me buying a few new GNs in the near future. The only question is whether I am going to complement my print copies of Watchmen and V for Vendetta with electronic versions.

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