Revisiting a cooking disaster

Well, disaster is not quite accurate – back in September, I mentioned that I had been disappointed by some pulled pork I’d cooked, which turned out too salty. I froze it in 3 pouches, and decided to leave it for another day to worry about.

On Tuesday night, I took a pouch out to defrost overnight in the fridge, planning to do something with it for Wednesday tea. However, Wednesday lunchtime found me with nothing else in the fridge, and it was pouring outside, so a trip to the shops was out of the question.

So I took a large cupful of pulled pork, and reheated it in a saucepan with a can of baked beans – a kind of different take on pork and beans. Served with a toasted crust of home-made bread, it was delicious.

Come the evening, I put the remaining pork in a small casserole, stirred in a couple of spoons of yogurt, and topped it with a generous amount of sliced potatoes, before putting it in the oven for an hour. Once again, it was great, I couldn’t believe it was the same batch that had me reaching for the water back in September.

However, of the two dishes, the pork and beans was definitely the winner, so I think I know how the rest of the pork is going to be used up!

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