Guess I ordered the wrong Nexus

… cos when I unpacked it, it leapt out at me and pushed my eyeballs into my brain.

But seriously, it was the Nexus 10 and not the Nexus-6 I got, and I’m blown away with it. Screen is wonderful, although I know I will be perpetually polishing prints off of it (which aren’t apparent in use, but boy, when you turn it off…). The case, which I have seen reviewed as “plastic” has a grippy rubbery feel to it, which I love. Sound from the front facing speakers has far more treble than bass, as you would expect from drivers that small, but is crisp and clear.

However, there have been a couple of “Huh!” moments. One was discovering that the Nexus has no Flash support. I had actually read about that, but didn’t realise the implications – many website having unusable content and BBC iPlayer not working. I know that Flash is on it’s way out, and that this is actually a case of Adobe no longer supporting it for Android (so no official Flash for 4.2, not just on the Nexus tablets), but there is still a lot of Flash content out there, and I am not ready to let it go. Fortunately, a quick google gave me instructions on how to side-load it, and I soon had it working, with reasonable reliability. That should keep me going until HTML5 becomes more prevalent.

The other “Huh!” was to find that Firefox crashes every 5 minutes or so. This turns out to be a known problem, with a fix on the way. I am currently running Firefox Beta, which seems more stable.

The Nexus 10 comes with Google’s own Chrome brower, of course, but I am used to Firefox, use it on all my other machines, and am used to having my bookmarks syncing.

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