Apple in court again

As I predicted, the UK courts took a dim view of Apple’s mandated statement. Although not held in contempt, they were told to go back and try again.

The really amusing bit was where council for Apple argued “technical reasons” why it would take 14 days to change the website. The judges did not fall for this, and suggested either it be done in 48 hours, or ” “I would like to see the head of Apple make an affidavit about why that is such a technical difficulty for the Apple company.”

UPDATE: The Register gives more details here of the latest judgement. In particular, the court this time specified the wording of a three sentence statement that Apple will have to display on its actual homepage:

On 25th October 2012, Apple Inc published a statement on its UK website in relation to Samsung’s Galaxy tablet. That statement was inaccurate and did not comply with the order of the Court Appeal of England and Wales. A correct statement can be found at this link.

Meanwhile Apple’s fulfilling of the demanded print statements has been lacklustre. Only 2 of the 5 adverts they were instructed to place have appeared so far, and neither of those appeared before the October 25 date the court demanded. The Guardian advertisment was a small box that used the court’s suggested text, but added no more – not even that the advertisment had been placed by Apple.

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