Salt Beef – Results

My attempt at making Salt Beef (Corned Beef) didn’t work out as I’d hoped. After rinsing the brined brisket, I decided to cook it in my slow cooker overnight.

The resulting meat definitely has the right consistency – it falls apart, and is moist with a good texture. But the flavour is lacking, and is a little oversalty.

The flavour may be down to the actual brisket. The saltiness I am not sure about, as I followed the recipe to the letter. However, it isn’t as bad as my recent accident with the pulled pork – I think reheated with some veg and potatoes it will be fine.

The final note is that it is not the attractive red one expects from Salt Beef – the edges are, but inside it is a dull grey. I think that I was too mean with the prague powder. Nothing to worry about, as some people leave the prague powder out completely; but I do like the appearance.

So next time I will increase the prague powder, and instead of simply rinsing the brined joint, I will drain it and soak it in clean water for 24 hours before cooking, and see if that improves things.

The method I followed said to keep the briskt joint rolled, but next time I think I will unroll it so the bring can get everywhere. I can always reroll it and tie it before cooking. I may also try injecting the thicker parts of the meat with the brine.

I shouldn’t be too downhearted, as it is the very first time I have tried this.

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