Pulled Pork – a disappointment

So I finished cooking the pulled pork last night, and it pulled fine. However, I soon ran into a problem. On first taste, it seemed ok, but then I was reaching for a drink. Somehow, I had managed to overseason it – not hot, but just very salty.

I suspect it is a (commercial) rub that I used, that I hadn’t used previously. Had another roll for lunch, after an overnight in the fridge, and it is no different. Pleasant tasting at first, but overbearingly salty.

I think this is the first time I have cooked pulled pork and come up with something that is basically inedible, and I am quite disappointed. I have split the batch into 4 freezer bags, and I may try cooking an unseasoned shoulder, and then mixing a bag of this in afterwards, as it certainly has plenty of flavour. Or I might decide to just chuck it. Pork shoulder is cheap, but I hate to waste anything. On the other hand, I could end up ruining another shoulder with it.

Anyway, for now, it is going in the freezer.

Next time I will either grind my own rub, or cook the pork without. I actually quite like ‘naked’ pulled pork, but I was trying for something more authentic, this time.

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