The Quantum Thief

On my Kindle today, I finished The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi and gave it 5 stars

[Added 26 August]
I am actually considering reading it again, right now, as I am not sure I completely understood everything.

Now that doesn’t normally sound like much of a recommendation, and certainly not something you would give 5/5 to. But this book blew me away despite the fact that the first third of the book largely had me bewildered. However, rather than explain it to me, like a child, the plot drip-drip-dripped context, until by the end I was following (and enjoying) the story. Well, with the possible exception of the very last epilogue.

I think reading it a second time will be a rewarding, but completely different experience.

It seems the sequal is out in September, and I already have a pre-order in for it. So I may move onto another book or two, and re-read it in a month’s time, when I can then move straight on with the story.

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