If this…

I have been playing with ifttt, which is a site that allows you to set up automated tasks across multiple resources and feeds. ifttt stands for “if this then that”. It is very easy to use.

What I am using it for is to import selected twitter posts into WordPress (from which they eventually reach LJ). I say selected, but in fact, I only use Twitter for one thing – my Kindle. The Kindle allows you to rate books and share comments via Twitter, and although I am not interested in Twitter at all, I thought it would be a way to direct content here.

I started off with some WordPress plugins for Twitter, but found them clunky. Then I came across ifttt, and it all worked easily.

What it means is that I’ll no longer forget to make posts about books I’ve read. For many books, my Kindle/Twitter rating will suffice, but if I have something more to say, I can easily update the post when I am next in front of a computer.

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