Double Cooked Ribs

I cooked some ribs yesterday, and they were awful – nice flavour, but just too tough. I tried a couple and gave up on them.

This may sound heretical for someone who plays with BBQ, but I am actually not a fan of ribs – or anything that you nibble from a bone, for that matter; such as wings or drumsticks. If I can’t put it in a bun, or stick a fork in it, I’m not really interested.

However, I keep being told that I need to learn how to cook ribs, and so I try, but my heart isn’t in it.

So today, I still had these inedible ribs in the fridge, and I don’t like to waste stuff, so I decided to slow cook them in a vegetable broth, with carrots, garlic and potato. They went in at midday, and by 4pm, smells were wafting up the stairs to my office. By 7pm, it smelt incredible, the broth had gone thick and dark (in a good way), and the bone simply pulled out of the meat.

I scoffed all the meat for tea, together with some of the broth, but I still have a good bowl of vegetables and meaty broth for a microwaved lunch tomorrow.

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