It must be spring – a trip to the garden centre

Since picking up the car, the last few days have been a mixture of doing stuff that I said I was going to do (like stripping walls) and going off for a drive, “to see how it handles”. But what the hell, I am on holiday.

Had a brief visit from Tim and Nev on Tuesday – they were doing a job for a neighbour, so popped in to put a couple of grab-rails in the bathroom for me. Showed Tim the Gallotone and 6-string banjo, and he had a brief play.

Yesterday was hot, so having spent the morning with a steam-stripper, I decided to go for a drive out Hunstanton way, perhaps stopping off at a garden centre on the way. In the end, I got no further than the garden centre, as I spotted a great discounted garden table and chairs. I’ve been vaguely looking for one since my garden was done, but hadn’t seen anything I liked. Unlike others I’d seen, this was all wood (pressure-treated), and chunky – it actually matches my vegetable troughs quite well. It has a large table, two garden benches, which comfortable seat 3 (or more, if friendly), and two chairs; plus a free parasol. At 8:15 this morning, the doorbell rang, and it was delivered.

I wasn’t sure if it was too big for the patio area I have, but I figured, I could always put one of the benches elsewhere, as a separate bench, reducing the overall footprint. As it happens, it will fit as a complete set, but with a reduced (but still perfectly reasonable) path to the BBQ area. I’ve spent the time since then trying it in various orientations, but decided I need to live with it for a couple of days, and see how I get on with it. Anyway, it means I am now fixed for al fresco dining.

While I was there I bought some plants for the remaining space in my vegetable troughs – some lettuce, sugar snap peas, tumbler tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and brocolli. I’d sworn I’d never try growing brassicas again, but I have hoops and insect netting to fit to two of the troughs, so figure that will keep the cabbage white off this year.

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