A holiday, a holiday

I am on holiday for the next two weeks. I am spending it at home, intending to take care of a few things – a bit of decorating, some gardening, some BBQ/Cooking experimentation and maybe a couple of days out.

This is my second holiday of the year, as I also had a week off in February. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out well, as I have posted previously, due to my CPAP problems. This time I am well rested, so I have higher hopes.

However, as it is possible for me to take time off and waste it by procrastination (sitting in front of the computer all morning, swearing that I will do something after lunch, but then finding I have somehow “lunched” all afternoon, with my nose in a book), I will posting daily replies here with my main achievement of the day. This is unlikely to be that interesting, it is simply something to force me to get my arse in gear.

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