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A short while back I was talking about whether to keep my car for another year, or go shopping for a new one.

I procrastinated for a month or so (to be fair, I have been collecting information and brochures on various models), and then realised my car tax was due at the end of October, anyway.

Then I thought “wasn’t my MOT normally due a month or two before my car tax?”. I checked and this was true – and it had, in fact, lapsed. The previous place I used for the MOT used to email me a reminder, but this current garage, although I credit them better car repairing skills, are not that sophisticated. Hence I forgot.

This meant I quickly had to get the MOT done before I could tax it, and, of course, this was a perfect time for it to fail badly. There were a couple of trivial things, the tires were due (but not overdue) for replacing; nothing much to worry about. Except for the split to the bodywork where the driver’s seat was bolted in.

The split wasn’t visible, and I had not noticed anthing. I drive with the seat fully back, and thus it was on 4 good bolts. Slide the seat forward for a short mechanic, and the sear rocked alarmingly, and instantly failed.

As a result, my car was off the road for a couple of weeks, but got repaired just in time for me to tax it – otherwise I would have had to decllare it SORN, and then retax once it was repaired.

I have the feeling that the repair cost almost as much as a the car is worth. However, it would have been too much hassle to have to find alternate wheels at short notice, and now I know it is road-worthy for the next year, I can look around for a replacement at leisure.

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