Good smells from the kitchen

I’ve not done a lot in the kitchen for a couple of weeks. I think at least part of it is due to not having Tim and Nev around, working on the garden or bathroom. That shouldn’t make any difference, but having people – and in particular friends – around the house tends to kick you out of apathy.

I was planning to do some stuff last weekend, but – aside from some shopping – didn’t feel like doing much at all. Anyway, i thought I should break out of the funk, and get going again. The kitchen is currently a hive of activity – there is a defrosted lamb shoulder in the oven, there is sourdough proving, and I’ve just started a pot of yogurt going, with goat’s milk.

While the oven is hot, I am also going to do a beef casserole, which can later go into the freezer in single portions.

I was going to load the cold smoker is up with butter and cheese. But that has to go ourside, and if I start it now, it will be dark by the time it is finished. So maybe tomorrow. Must get the weatherproof light I bought set up out there.

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