Month: November 2011

November 25, 2011
I’m in London, arrived early for a stag do tomorrow and making the most of it, looking around.

I have a birthday dinner planned in January, at Barbecoa, so today, I wandered down to 1 New Change to check the place out, and find a convenient place for people to meet before the meal.

November 19, 2011
I’ve not done a lot in the kitchen for a couple of weeks. I think at least part of it is due to not having Tim and Nev around, working on the garden or bathroom. That shouldn’t make any difference, but having people – and in particular friends – around the house tends to kick you out of apathy.

I was planning to do some stuff last weekend, but – aside from some shopping – didn’t feel like doing much at all. Anyway, i thought I should break out of the funk, and get going again. The kitchen is currently a hive of activity – there is a defrosted lamb shoulder in the oven, there is sourdough proving, and I’ve just started a pot of yogurt going, with goat’s milk.

November 13, 2011
My friend Chris Croughton, aka Keris, died on Thursday, as a result of a road traffic incident.

I’ve only just got the news. I wasn’t working on Friday, and was out for much of yesterday, so hadn’t caught up on email and stuff. This morning I got up, and found several subscription requests for my FILK_UK mailist – more activity than usual. I wondered what was up in the filk world, but didn’t think for one moment that it would be bad news like this.

November 12, 2011
Had great fun at Stamford Corn Exchange tonight, watching Ade Edmonson and The Bad Sheperds. A wide range of punk and other music from the same era, rearranged and performed as folk.

I have to admit that a few of the songs didn’t quite work for me, but there were some real gems – including the Buzzcocks “Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)”, Squeeze’s “Up the Junction” and The Sex Pistols “Anarchy in the UK”.

November 8, 2011
November 7, 2011
Having finished the garden, and got my 4 veg troughs in place, I wanted to plant them, of course.

It’s taken a while, because of my car problems interfering with my trips to the garden centre, but I’ve managed to get some plants in – one trough is full of garlic and onions, while another has two rows of broad beans up the centre (and can be planted with something else, either side, in the spring). I had some onion sets left over, so I have planted the remainder at one end of my “Weed garden” – the trough filled with soil from my old weed-infested veg plot.

November 7, 2011
A short while back I was talking about whether to keep my car for another year, or go shopping for a new one.

I procrastinated for a month or so (to be fair, I have been collecting information and brochures on various models), and then realised my car tax was due at the end of October, anyway.

November 7, 2011
For just over a week now, my script to import comments from LJ into Wordpress has failed. The failure has been silent – i.e. it appears to work, but simply doesn’t import the comments.

Posting of articles from Wordpress to LJ is still working, it is just grabbing the comments back that is failing

November 1, 2011