Winterland by Alan Glynn

I recently enjoyed the movie Limitless, on DVD, which led me to the Alan Glynn novel it was based on, “The Dark Fields”.

I usually find that by watching a movie first, when I get around to the novel it yields even more plot detail, and I can enjoy the story all over again. In this case, the film differed from the novel in a few important points, and I actually preferred the film to the novel.

However, this led me, in turn, to another novel by Alan Glynn, “Winterland”. Unlike “The Dark Fields”, which has an SF theme, “Winterland” is a contemporary crime/conspiracy novel set in Dublin, which is where Glynn hails from.

It was a fantastic read, with a great story and believable characters. Just when you think you know where the plot is going, it takes a double-step and a quick turn, and takes you by surprise again.

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