The Weed Garden

When the guys were clearing my garden and my existing raised beds, they bagged up all the good soil for future use. I am very grateful for them doing this – it would not have occurred to me to ask, but it was a great thing to do – both in terms of saving money, and simply not wasting good soil.

I reckoned I had enough soil to fill two of the four troughs, together with a little added compost, and my plan was to fill those two troughs and plant them with winter veg, while leaving the other two troughs empty until spring.

I’ve just finished filling the two troughs, and my plan has changed. I knew I had a lot of weeds in my old beds, and while I have been emptying the bags, I have been picking out obvious roots and shoots, and digging through. However, I know I haven’t got it all out.

So I am planning to buy some more top soil and compost to fill the other two troughs, and plant in those, instead. The two troughs filled with old soil will be my “weed garden”, growing nothing but the weeds imported from the old beds. Between now and spring, it will be easy to spot the weeds growing, pull them out and eradicate them completely, before planting up with spring veg.

One of the advantages of planting in raised beds and containers is that the soil doesn’t get compacted, so weeds tend to pull out easily.

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