Another room finished

Work on the bathroom was completed on Thursday, and I have been taking showers twice a day since, and loving it.

While the bathroom was out of action, for a week and a bit, I’d been having wash-basin washes, and, once the bath was re-fitted, a bath. A few years ago, I would have thought nothing of it. When I was young, I was brought up on a bath a week, and “a good wash” every day in between. However, since my 30’s I’ve always preferred a shower, and a flannel wash no longer does it for me – I know I am clean, but I don’t feel clean.

The guys have done a brilliant job on the bathroom, and I am really pleased with the colour. For the last 10 years, I had been putting up with the previous owner’s choice of dark blue wallpaper and grey tile, and never realise just how drab that made the room. It is now tiled throughout in a warm stone colour, and the room is so much brighter – it actually seems bigger as well.

This work leaves only two more rooms to be done, which I am going to do myself, as they should only involve stripping and painting. First the box room, which is going to become my new office, and then the old office is going to be converted back into a guest bedroom. I hope to have the boxroom done by the New Year. Once both rooms are done, then the guys are coming back to decorate my hall and stairs for me.

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