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I have had a Tim and Nev here. They are doing a couple of jobs for me, including a complete bathroom makeover. However, while the sun is shining, they have been working on my garden, which is also getting the total makeover treatment.

A rough draft of the garden design follows. The garden is divided lengthwise into a gravelled area, for planting and a paved social area. Planting will be in raised vegetable tables/troughs for flexibility and ease of use.

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  1. chris
    September 18, 2011

    Note that the drawing dates back to earlier this year, and there will be some variation. Originally I had planned on raised beds in the gravel area, as marked above. As I say, the plan is now for the whole area to be gravelled, and planting to be in vegtrug-like troughs, 1.8m x 0.83m. I will definitely be able to fit 3 of these in, but I think I may be able to manage 4, giving almost 6m2. This is roughly what I had in raised beds before the makeover, but it was spread over the whole garden, rather than concentrated in one area.

    Another trough (1.5m2) will eventually go on my drive, by my kitchen door – this will not receive as much sunlight, but the weeds growing out of my drive seem to do ok.

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